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Introducing our VIPER 3K carbon fibre Padel racket, a high-quality racket designed for players who want a balance of power and control. Made from top-grade 3K Japanese carbon fibre, this racket is durable, lightweight, and highly responsive, providing players with the perfect balance of speed, precision, and manoeuvrability.


Featuring a head size of 460 cm² and a weight of just 365 grams, the VIPER 3K is designed to provide excellent balance and stability, allowing players to generate powerful shots while maintaining control and accuracy. The racket's aerodynamic shape further enhances its speed and manoeuvrability on the court. Thanks to the 3D hexagon pattern texture finish, players can enjoy a greater spin and control of the ball. 


The grip of the racket is made from high-quality materials, providing excellent traction and comfort even during long and intense matches. The handle also features a premium wristband strap helping to keep the racket secure whilst maintaining maximum comfort levels.


The VIPER 3K carbon fibre Padel racket is ideal for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. With its excellent balance of power and control, you'll be able to hit powerful shots while maintaining accuracy and control. Whether you're looking to improve your game or take your skills to the next level, this racket is the perfect choice for you.


    • Full carbon fibre frame

    • 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre

    • Precision Holes

    • Black EVA Plus™ core

    • Premium Wristband

    • 3D Hexagon Texture

    • Dynamic Bridge

    • Vibrasorb Tech™

    • Weight: 365gm 

    • Length: 260mm

    • Height: 460mm

    • Width: 38mm

    • Shape: Teardrop

    • Level: Improver/Intermediate

    • Balance: Head-light

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