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key factors that enhance our Padel rackets


The fibres are woven into a specific pattern and layered together with other materials such as resin, fiberglass, or Kevlar to create a composite structure that is both strong and lightweight. The layers are perfectly interlaced helping enhance its durability and firmness.


We have included a special polymer foam in the racket frame that can flex and compress upon impact, reducing the amount of shock that is transmitted to the player's arm. We also added a series of small cavities in the racket frame that can absorb and redirect the vibrations caused by impact.


These are strategically placed holes that are drilled into the racket's surface designed to improve performance and provide players with greater control and power.


Our shield layer adds additional protection against wear and tear. The technology involves adding a layer of high-strength materials to the surface of the racket frame, which helps prevent scratches, scuffs, and other damage from impacts with the ball or the court walls.


This design is intended to improve the racket's performance by optimizing the way the ball interacts with the racket. These shapes are designed to create more friction and spin on the ball, allowing players to generate greater control and accuracy on their shots.


We use premium synthetic polymer as the core material within the racket frame. The foam is carefully adjusted to provide a cushioned and shock-absorbing feel, helping to reduce the impact of the ball and prevent discomfort or injury.


The dynamic bridge helps to distribute the impact of the ball more evenly across the entire hitting surface of the racket. This reduces the amount of stress placed on any one part of the racket, which can help prevent damage or deformation over time.


Japanese Carbon Fibre is a high-quality material that is used in the manufacturing of high performance Padel rackets, known for its exceptional strength, stiffness, and durability. At BAS3LINE we only use Japanese Carbon Fibre.


This finish creates more friction between the ball and the racket, allowing players to better control the trajectory and spin of their shots. In addition to improving grip and spin, this finish can also help to reduce the amount of vibration and shock that players experience when hitting the ball.


Vibration absorption is the most important feature in our rackets which are meant to help reduce injuries. We use a combination  of technologies such as cavities with dampeners, flexible foam and precision weigh distribution helping increase control and reduce vibration through the forearm.

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