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BAS3LINE has teamed-up with Wesley Teixeira, a renowned Physiotherapist who owns a Racquets focused practice at the iconic Queen’s Club in London. Wesley has over 15 years of experience treating a wide range of athletes and racquet’s sports related conditions. Using his expertise and knowledge, we created a well-balanced rackets range focused on helping prevent injuries.


As a physiotherapist, I understand the importance of using the right equipment in sports to prevent injuries and enhance performance. When it comes to Padel, the choice of racket brand can significantly impact the player's experience. In my professional opinion, BAS3LINE places a strong emphasis on ergonomics, weight distribution, and shock absorption which are essential for players to reduce the risk of injury and improve their gameplay.


BAS3LINE’s innovative approach includes new technologies that prioritize player comfort and safety. For example, their Vibrasorb™ technology provides greater air flow in the handle, reducing the risk of wrist injuries, and their Shockwave Flex™system absorbs vibrations to prevent tennis elbow and other arm injuries.


Furthermore, BAS3LINE rackets are designed with a balance between power and control, ensuring players can strike the ball accurately and effectively without overexerting themselves. As a physiotherapist and a Padel player myself, I highly recommend BAS3LINE for its commitment to player safety, comfort, and performance.

A note from Wesley

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