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Carbon fibre frames are a popular feature in Padel racket design due to their strength, durability, and lightweight properties. Carbon fibre is a composite material made of thin strands of carbon that are tightly woven and layered together, creating a material that is both stiff and strong. This makes it an ideal material for Padel racket frames, as it allows for greater control and manoeuvrability of the racket while also providing a stable and durable structure.


Carbon fibre frames on Padel rackets also offer excellent shock absorption properties, reducing the impact of the ball on the player's arm and wrist during play. This is particularly important in a sport like Padel, where players make frequent and repetitive strikes with the racket.


Another benefit of carbon fibre frames is their resistance to moisture and humidity, which is important in a sport that is often played outdoors in various weather conditions. The material is also highly resistant to warping or bending over time, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of the racket.


BAS3LINE sources their Carbon Fibre from the Japanese brand TENAX™ which is incorporated into every racket design, making it a premium product. Overall, Padel rackets with carbon fibre frames offer players a combination of strength, durability, and performance that can enhance their gameplay and reduce the risk of injury. 

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3k carbon fibre: It uses 3,000 individual carbon fibres in each weave. This type of carbon fibre is the most common and the most affordable. It provides good stiffness and strength, making it suitable for players who are just starting out or play occasionally.

12k carbon fibre: It uses 12,000 individual carbon fibres in each weave. This type of carbon fibre is more expensive than 3k carbon fibre, but it provides better stiffness and strength. It is often used by intermediate to advanced players who want a higher level of control and power in their shots.

18k carbon fibre: It uses 18,000 individual carbon fibres in each weave. This type of carbon fibre is the most expensive and provides the highest level of stiffness and strength. It is often used by professional or elite players who require a high level of performance and precision in their shots.

In summary, the higher the number associated with the carbon fibre, the more expensive and advanced the Padel racket is likely to be, with increased stiffness, strength, and performance. However, it's important to note that other factors like the racket's shape, weight distribution, and other materials also play a crucial role in determining a racket's overall performance.

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