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about padel


Layout - A game is always played with four people. 

Score - The score is the same as tennis. It is 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, game.

The bounce - The ball must bounce off the grass before rebounding off the glass or fence. If the ball goes directly to the glass or fence, the ball is out. The ball may only bounce once. You are allowed to volley before the bounce.

Own glass - You are allowed to use your own glass to hit the ball. The side and back glass are allowed to be used. You are only not allowed to use the fence or top fence. 

Start the point - The point will start with a serve. Points to keep in mind at the serve are:

  • You must put your hand through the loop of your racket 

  • You must serve within your ‘rectangular box’

  • You must bounce before serving

  • You must contact the ball below waist height

  • You have a first and second serve

  • The ball must bounce within the diagonal service box

  • Bounce to the fence? The ball is out!

  • Bounce to the glass? The ball is in!

Running outside - You are allowed to run outside and play the ball back in. You would only run outside if there is enough space on both sides of the court. 

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Padel rackets can be differentiated by material and shapes. Most brands use Fibreglass as this is the most cost effective material but it often lacks in quality and durability. Those looking to improve their skills will often choose carbon fibre frames as they provide more power and control as well as being durable and sturdy. There are 3 main choices of carbon fibre, 3K, 12K and 18K the latter being mostly used by professional players.



There are 3 different shapes for Padel rackets: Round, Teardrop and Diamond. Round is usually found in the entry level rackets and is a choice for those starting to play and aren’t that serious. It provides more control but less power and versatility, often found in Fibreglass. Teardrop is by far the most popular as it’s considered an all-rounder and it’s suitable for everyone including beginners and more serious players. Diamond is often used by pros and usually found in 12K and 18K carbon fibre frames. This shape enhances power and is extremely responsive.




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